Julia is a dedicated individual who plays many different sports, such as football, basketball, badminton and does swimming. She mentioned that the reason she got interested in football at the age of 5 is because she would used to watch one of her fvaourite Italian football teams on T.V. She really wanted to try it out so she joined her first club a year later and decided she wants to carry on playing till this day agaisnt other teams and being successfull in wining most tournaments she attends to. 

Julia also descibed how she got into playing badminton fairly in the recent years was becuase she tried out a new sport during lockdown and realised that she wants to continue with it and joined the school badminiton club. She mentioned that in the future she hopes to take part in badminton olympics.

Another sport she plays is basketball. She joined an after school club and played for her school in competitions and discovered that she was really good at it and she hopes to be a basketball player or atleast be invloved in it in the future.

Julia talked about her attitude towards training where she knows she has to be persistent with all sports to keep improving on her skills to get even better. A quote she likes is "oppourtunities don't happpen, you create them". She explained that without the hard work and effort she had put into these sports, it would to hard to balance it all. She hopes that in the future she succeedes in sports with the right determintation.