Local racing team formally known as the formula one red bull racing team based in Milton Keynes has been accused by the FIA of going way over the budget for the 2021 championship which their lead driver won with a few points gap. 

The Fia announced this following the Japanese grand prix that red bull officially breached the budget cap of 145 million us dollars 5 percent which equates to a whopping 7.2 million us dollars. 

Now what could be the reasons for this absolute violation of the budget cap rules. Well, we have red bulls' manager Christian Horner claiming this extra 7.2 million was not spent on the car or the race but in fact catering. Yes, you read right red bull spent a whopping 7.2 million on catering. Red bull really must have had a feast for their Christmas staff meal either that or Christian must have called up Gordan Ramsy to come and Cator for their meals. Well, the second possibility is what happened as red bull did in fact get a visit from Gorden Ramsy .but I think these red bull staff meals must have been absolutely class if it took an extra 7.2 million to pay for them.  

There is one slight problem red bull ging over the budget cap may cost them their championship which Verstappen is not going to be happy about and if they get away with its Hamilton will not be happy about that, so the FIA have some decision making to do. From what the FIA has already said to have given as a penalty” Horner says it would cost the team 0.5 seconds per lap “but still many people are saying it is not a harsh penalty so i would not be surprised if next year Lewis turns up in a military fighter jet to compete and then blames it on hotel costs.