Upon the news of the Liz Truss era and its demise I was ecstatic. My first thoughts were along the lines of a rare thanks to the Conservative party getting rid of one of the more disastrous Prime Ministers of my generation. But was it all bad? Did Liz Truss' stint as PM really go wrong for everyone? I say it was a gift! Her U-turning and utter contempt for stage prescence may have doomed the conservative party for a generation. The catastrophic economic moves have placed a considerate contempt among the working people and a complete lack of confidence in this government. There is currently an unprecedented level of incompetence in government, our current Home Secretary is incapable of keeping classified documents away from her personal email. Our former Chancellor made the largest tax cuts for the wealthy in a mini budget that went against the previous PM's National Insurance rise and promptly u-turned before resigning. Never in British history has a Prime Minister been so poorly received. But what positives can we take away from this? The most obvious is the fact that the Conservative party have lost all authority in government, and the utter contempt for them amongst the electorate was already rather intense, it has since grown four-fold. The younger generations especially are finding it hard to agree with an increasingly right-wing, authoritarian, 'law and order party' and it is entirely likely that the Conservative party will be out of power for a generation. It seems as if there is a continuing cycle of this duopoly that we call government, failing to such an extent that there is somewhat of a decade long timeshare. Like Gordon Brown the Tories may have reached the end of their tether. It would be a miracle if Mr Sunak turns this around, but with his first U-turn coming within a week of his premiership suggests that this may be a fantasy. I find it hard to believe this ship can be saved by the beginning of the next election, whenever it may be. It is conclusive to me that Liz Truss' stint as PM may have been the best thing for Britain. As we may finally get a new government, rather than the dregs of outdated British Conservatism.