Nishkam Swat, a Sikh non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to end hunger across the streets of Croydon. This alms giving charity is run by a group of generous volunteers who are devoted to the cause of providing for the less privileged people in Croydon. Not just in the local area, the charity’s branches are spread across England, in places like Luton, Hayes, and Birmingham, to name a few.

A busy Tuesday evening, a nip in the air, with people rushing to get to their comfortable abode, a relentless team is braving the freezing November chill and trying to create a makeshift camp. A variety of people queue up eagerly and quickly to get their hands on some delicious food and drinks. The volunteers proudly gear up in their Nishkam Swat jackets before handing out free meals.

With the majority being lured by the appetizing aroma of the Indian curry, some people look over on the healthy end with an ample number of apples, bananas and pears staring at them, with some people also waiting to quench their thirst with some chilled fizzy drinks.

Some weeks, due to the high demand, the food and drinks run out within an hour, with people also wanting a second main meal. However, the experienced volunteers are unfazed, usually waiting for as many people to come and take a main meal before handing out seconds. The situation of food running out is pretty rare nowadays due to the experience of this organization, extra food is always at the ready if circumstances like arise. I had the pleasure of speaking to some of the volunteers, who told me about the organization of making and serving the meals and the history of this organization in Croydon.

Raveena, a volunteer who has been working for Nishkam Swat for 5 years, previously working with the branch in Central London, told me about who makes the food,” Some weeks, the contract is given to a restaurant who makes as much food as we require, while some weeks, it’s the other volunteers who provide different dishes”. Another volunteer, who wished to stay anonymous, quoted their purpose and why they joined Nishkam Swat. “I joined because I have always wanted to give back to the people who are not as privileged as us, which also aligns with my religious beliefs”.

This organization serves an enormous amount of people every week, and is not going to stop any time soon, and I am going to end off on a quote by Martin Luther King, "Life's most persistent and most urgent question is,'What are you doing for others?'"