Halloween Trails at Chiswick House

by Joshua Rasi de Mel, Hampton School


Following the popularity of illuminated Christmas trails in recent years, Chiswick House & Gardens have created a spine-chilling Halloween experience, complete with sinister lights, bloodcurdling displays and live actors menacingly prowling through the crowds. Intrigued, I decided it was worth a visit.


As soon as visitors enter the grounds they are greeted by eerie music, as the bright lamplight of the bustling streets of Chiswick, fade into a descending blanket of darkness lit only by malevolent red and green lights. Headless horse riders silently materialise beside you, before fading back into the mist. Venturing further along the trail, an array of mysterious and unearthly sights and sounds await you, including crumbling gravestones, gruesome skeletons coated in blood, mysterious figures cloaked in dirty, bedraggled cloth and even the Grim Reaper himself. In addition, the trail cleverly showcases the splendour of the Gardens by incorporating key features into the experience. Chiswick House itself is illuminated in a dazzling display of cobweb lights, whilst the waterfall is bathed in ominous red light and converted into a river of bubbling blood.

Throughout the trail, there is plenty of opportunity for refreshments, including an open fire to roast marshmallows, always a favourite with younger children, and a bar serving mulled wine, which is gratefully received by adults. Hotdogs and burgers are also served, but the crowds of people lining up made me feel very glad I had decided to eat dinner at home.

Overall, a great experience for families with children of all ages. Older children can enjoy the thrills and macabre displays littering the trail, whilst live acrobats juggling fire proved an entertaining experience for smaller children. Given the popularity of the trail, it seems likely it will return next year. Book your tickets….if you dare.