The Ealing wildlife group was started in 2016 aftera Facebook group  organised their very first bat walk. Since then the organisation has hosted photography competitions, helped educate people on the nature that surrounds us and encouraged people to find beauty in their local communities. This year, the Ealing wildlife group in co-operation with Ealing Council, had their 6th anual wildlife photography competition. The entries needed to fit into one of six categories: abstract nature, urban nature, community conservation, young wildlife explorers, up close and personal and relationship with nature. The winners and runners up of all these were displayed on October 15th in Walpole park for all to see and enjoy.

Each person is asked to write a small description of their picture and say why it's special. This year's 2nd place community conservation, Jo Jacob, said "A year ago, I could not have taken this picture because this pond did not exist". Jo's photo depicted a sunrise over a pond with birds flying in the background, with the title "take to the skies." The aim of this competition is to get people to pay attention to the smaller things in nature around us that we often miss.

The exhibition is available, but only for a short time, so take the opportunity to see it whilst you still can. One resident of ealing, Jarz Woodford says "seeing this exhibition makes me love my local community and just walking through Walpole park brightens up my weekend when I see these beautiful photos of the world around me"

The Ealing wildlife group competition was, as always a great success and is a wonderful thing to go and see, however the exhibition won't last forever and is worth seeing as soon as possible!