This year, Diwali was celebrated around the UK including Kingsbury Mandir. Kingsbury Mandir took a slightly different approach to this year’s Diwali celebrations as upon arriving at the main praying area, you are greeted with the sight of many different colourful foods and landmarks from many different commonwealth countries. For example, Canada had Niagara Falls in its section of the display. This is the result of hundreds of hours of work and cooking to prepare everything for one of the first major celebrations since the coronavirus epidemic put a temporary stop to the celebrations.

However, the centre of all attention, was the famous Imperial State Crown, commemorating the late Queen and all her good deeds that have positively influenced so many lives around the world in the last 63 years indiscriminately, especially her support for the festival in difficult years such as 2020 when she mentioned it in her Christmas speech, addressed to the entire nation.

Volunteers explained to children allowing many to learn about this sometimes forgotten part of history and the significance of this time in the progression of the former members of the British Empire.  

The cold and rainy weather did not stop the thousands of people that attended in the brightly coloured clothes that contrasted well to the white carved dome overlooking all the events and prayers taking place throughout the day. Kalpana Thakrar, an attendee of the event said “This is a very exciting day for me as it is an opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and to think about the days to come in the future.”

Everyone had waited for the day all year and the long-anticipated experience lived up to its high expectations for everyone.