After former prime minister Boris Johnson withdrew from the no.10 race just two days ago, he said that continuing was "not the right thing to do", although he never officially entered and had a "very good chance of succeeding". Not even a day later, Penny Mordaunt joined him in order to "work together" with Rishi Sunak, making him automatically Prime Minister.


After the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, King Charles will meet Rishi Sunak at Buckingham Palace this morning to shake hands before he officially takes over as Britains 57th Prime Minister and the 3rd PM for this year. Sunak will also be the first PM appointed by King Charles, the first Prime Minister of colour in the UK, thefirst Hindu PM in the UK, and the youngest in 200 years.


Unlike Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak has promised "stability" in the country in his speech he made after winning the no.10 race. He also admitted that "The Unied Kingdom is a great country, but there is no doubt that we face a profound economic challenge."


He will make another speech after getting appointed, as he now faces huge challenge our former Prime Minister Liz Truss couldnt handle, including the economic decline we have seen since Brexit, the cost of living crisis, and the climate crisis, which may have gotten worse due to the recent introduction of fracking.


Dispite his good intentions for the economy, many have critisized him due to some of his policies, which include students studying core subjects such as Maths and English beyond GCSE level. In addition, he stated that he would revew the equalities act, introduced in 2010, in order to stop the "woke nonsense", referring to transgender rights.


An allyof Sunak was quoted in the mail on Sunday, claiming he will launch a manifesto for womens rights. However, this will include commitment to ban transgender women from womens sport.