Zuzanna is an ambitious football player since the age of 6 where, during Christmas Eve, her family came over and she thought of a change to happen in her life, she told her parents the next day to sign her up for a football club. She also did it to earn trophies and medals as something to "look back at in the furture, and be proud of it."

Zuzanna, shared about her attitude towards training is that in the furture she wants to become a footballer by dedication not motivation. She explained that people cant be always motivated to train each day but have to be persistent to rise up to the top.

Chelsea is her favourite team and she mentioned that she went to support a Spain vs Germany women's  Euro match this July, she decscribed the match as really cool and fun to be there watching it becasue it was really entertaining.

 When I asked her, what kept her going through all these years she explained, " once you start, you have to finish it". She explained to me that this means that football is a sport where individuals get to improve their wellbeing, by improving their skills each day giving their best to recieve the best results.

Her plan for the future is to prepare for the Chelsea women's team trials next year and see how it goes, and if shes successful then more oppoutunities will come her way leading up to the moment in the future, where she might become a professional footballer.