Hertsmere's five Liberal Democrat councillors have this week selected their new group leader.

Councillor Lynne Hodgson, who represents the Bushey Park ward, takes over from previous chief Robert Gamble.

He lost his seat at the Hertsmere Borough Council elections on May 1.

The party is the main opposition group in the council chamber.

Ms Hodgson said: "Robert really did not deserve it - he worked so hard. The national trend was against us, but it has been worse than this before. We have been as low as three councillors before.

"I do not think the electorate understands the need for a decent opposition. If you give one group too much power it can lead to a degree of arrogance.

"It's hard to get anything done with so few councillors, but if you have right and reason on your side you can get somewhere."

Ms Hodgson, who was first elected in 1996, also chairs the council's Housing and Environment Scrutiny Committee.