A wife-beater has resigned from the council and has been kicked out of the Liberal Democrats.

Imran Abrahim was found guilty of common assault on his wife Binish Karamet, 19, at Waltham Forest Magistrates Court on Thursday, March 20, then sentenced to do 120 hours community service as well as pay £200 compensation to his spouse and £300 legal costs.

Now the Lib Dems have confirmed Abrahim has resigned from the council and is no longer a member of the party since he has not appealed within the 28 days since conviction.

Abrahim said: "It is with deep sadness that I tender my resignation to you as the elected councillor for Forest ward effectively immediately.

"While the Standards Board for England's Code of Conduct does not require me to resign following a very difficult time in my personal life, I believe that it is in the interests of my constituents that they have someone representing them who can devote their full energy and time.

"I thank the council, my colleagues in the Lib Dems and friends from other political parties who have shown support during this difficult time."