The One London party's mayoral candidate Damian Hockney has criticised rivals over their green debate last week, claiming it only involved those candidates agreeing with their "own green agenda."

The Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat Green Party candidates all showed off their green credentials at the first public hustings last week. The event, How Green is London's Future?, was hosted by the environmental campaign group and charity Green Alliance.

Mr Hockney claimed he had been refused a request to appear and offer "an alternative anti-green tax view".

Mr Hockney, who recently wrote of the difficulties candidates from smaller parties faced in getting equal access to media coverage and public events, said the debate had "turned into an environmental closed shop."

While the Green Alliance debate saw unanimous opposition to plans for a sixth terminal and a third runway at Heathrow, Mr Hockney's pledges include the promotion of airport expansion in the South East and calling a halt to the congestion charge western extension.

He said: "If Londoners want to keep their right to travel free of red tape and relatively cheaply, they should vote for the only candidate and party speaking up for them - myself and the One London Party."