An MP engaged with youngsters in a school to discuss their vision for the local area.

The Forest Academy student forum have been working closely all year with Redbridge Council’s community outreach team and community hubs team to feed into the direction and planning for Hainault.

As part of this, they invited Ilford North's MP to come and speak to them and hear their suggestions.

Labour shadow health secretary Wes Streeting visited the school in Harbourer Road last Friday (May 20) to hear what they had to say.

This Is Local London:

Keanu Frederick, a Year 8 pupil and a member of the student forum, said: He made such an impact on me in that short amount of time. 

“I feel he has inspired students to speak up and be proud of the community that they live in.

“He was willing to listen to our ideas and take on board what we as young people would like to see change in Hainault.” 

Hannah Neighbour, a Year 12 student at Beal Sixth form, said: “I asked Wes about upcoming projects his party were working on that would benefit young people, to which he said, they were committed to the redevelopment of Hainault Forest and Fairlop Waters which was encouraging as young people need more and safer places to explore when not in school.”

This Is Local London: Wes Streeting at the meetingWes Streeting at the meeting

Mr Streeting seemed receptive to the discussions made at the meeting.

Following the event, he said: “It was inspiring to visit The Forest Academy and hear all about the school’s ambitions for students and the wider Hainault community.

“The discussion that I had with students on what they want to see both locally and nationally was particularly insightful. I will certainly be feeding back on a lot of what was raised.”

School principal Will Mackintosh said: “Our students have been great ambassadors for the school, and are contributing to the planning of the new Hainault Community Hub, as well as outreach art and photography projects across the community.”

He added that he looks forward to continue working with Mr Streeting and his team.