With summer coming up many of us may be wanting to start taking our child out but many of us may struggle to even have an idea where to start so here are some ideas!


Take a trip to the aquarium

While a trip to the aquarium might not be possible at the moment, that doesn’t mean that the fish are sleeping. The wonders of the deep blue sea are just a few clicks away thanks to the cameras installed in various tanks around the world.


Host a family Come Dine With Me

If you’ve already got the cooking down and the little ones are set to feature on The Great British Bake Off any day now, why not host your very own Come Dine with Me?

Each week, one member of the family comes up with a menu and cooks a starter, main and dessert.

It’s a great way to get everyone cooking in the kitchen!


Take a virtual trip to the zoo

Zoos show the daily lives of some of the most fascinating animals around, such as hippos, penguins, polar bears, tigers and more.

So whatever the little ones’ favourite animals are, they can get up close and personal in a way they would otherwise never have been able to.


Go to a zoo

When we’re not in lockdown, introduce your children to animals by taking them to a farm. Even if you live in a city, there are lots of city farms around the country, and many of them cost peanuts to get into. It’s also a great opportunity to get up close to wildlife, if your child’s only previous contact has been with a cat or dog. Find your nearest free farm.


Do a science experiment

Just because they’re not in school, doesn’t mean they can’t be learning. If your child is an aspirational scientist, there are loads of really fun (and safe!) science experiments you can do at home, with just the objects in your home and ingredients in your kitchen. But for some of them, it might be best to move it into the garden – otherwise you’ll be repainting the walls as well. Just make sure they dont become an evil scientist!