It is apparent that in recent years, the well-being of our environment has been on a steep decline. With the introduction of cars and many other forms of transport that are fuel based, our carbon footprint is increasing at a very scary rate. 


Here are somethings that we can reduce to help our environment. Cut down on driving, driving individual cars is one of the largest contributors to pollution. Instead, taking public buses or trains would decrease the amount of gas emission produced per person. Pesticides and other chemicals that are used in agriculture or gardening pose a risk to humans as well as unwanted side effects contributing to the declining standards of the environment. Meat consumption is one of the primary factors leading to the poor environment. It is responsible for CO2 emission and releasing greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide and methane. Instead some of the meat in our diet should be replaced with beans.


However, there are things that we should be actively doing rather than just reducing things. First of all it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle anything that you possibly can. Living a sustainable life should be an important factor in your aid to help the environment, for example conserving water.