As of recent months, controversy has come out on the conservative party. It is apparent that on June 19th 2020, Boris Johnson and his fellow members of Parliament gathered at number 10, organised by Johnson’s wife, Carrie Johnson.


This topic has received a lot of backlash from other members of parliament as well as the public. People have not been to come forward and share their stories on how this event has made them feel. Many are outraged by the situation as they do not believe that Boris Johnson should be any exception to the rules than anyone else.


A young girl had sent a written letter to Boris Johnson stating that, “it is my birthday today but I am staying at home because you told us to”. She further states that she is ok with the cancellation of her birthday “because I want everybody to be ok”. Boris Johnson has posted this exchange on twitter resulting in a large amount of criticism. Josephine has set a better example than Boris Johnson has, many believe. 


It would be ridiculous to ignore the hard work that Boris Johnson has put into ensuring that the UK is in the best position to fight off the disease and disperse the vaccine. However, it is unacceptable for the leading figure to be going against his own set rules. Downing Street has continued to deny these claims.