A man from Deptford is among two people who have been fined after being caught fly-tipping in Redbridge.

Mike Lunangu, of Gosterwood Street in Deptford and Nkame Mayasi of Enfield, were handed court-imposed fines and costs totalling £2,620.

The two were caught dumping “hundreds of kilos” of rubbish by a Redbridge resident in Blacksmith Close.

A witness spotted the pair drive up, park, and dump the rubbish by a bin which is designated for residents living on a private estate.

Among the rubbish, the men dumped waste, metal and concrete.

The mess was later removed through the estate’s managing agents who were alerted to the fly-tip.

The witness who saw the pair then reported the incident to Redbridge Council providing a detailed account of what happened.

Lunangu and Mayasi were then identified following an investigation by Redbridge’s Enforcement Team.

The two were summonsed to Barkingside Magistrates Court and charged with fly-tipping.

On April 26, both men appeared at court and pleaded guilty to fly-tipping.

They were each sentenced to a fine and ordered to pay court and council costs, and pay compensation, totalling £1,310.

Sarah Foster, Redbridge Council’s operational director for civic pride, said: “Redbridge is our home and we all deserve to live in a clean and safe environment.

“Anyone coming into our borough thinking they can just dump their rubbish and go, should think again.

“This latest successful prosecution stems from a local witness coming forward and working with our council enforcement teams to bring this pair to justice.

“It should serve as a warning to other potential offenders that as a community we won’t tolerate this kind of dreadful, selfish behaviour.”

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