Recently Netflix released the long awaited Heartstopper, which promised lots of cuteness, lots of LGBTQ+ representation and heartwarming moments just like the graphic novels by Alice Oseman. Here’s how they did.


The plot line of the show was almost identical to the graphic novel with slight changes, such as not including Aled but rather replacing him with Issac, there’s also the inclusion of a character named Imogen who was included to add more drama to the story. A sports day was also included which the graphic novels didn’t have. We also have Mr Ajayi our gay art teacher- it was nice seeing Charlie have some sort of support system in school. The changes are neither good or bad in my opinion, just different. 


As a lover of the graphic novels I loved the inclusion of Alice Oseman’s art around the school such as the walls in the corridors and so on, it added quite a cute atmosphere to the show- as did Tao's potato shoe. Seeing Alice Oseman's books strategically placed around was really cool too, such as Issac reading Radio Silence and the Heartstopper comics on Charlie's shelf.


The LGBTQ+ representation in the show was great to see since it was plentiful and very inclusive. Everyone deserves to be able to see themselves portrayed and represented in media and Heartstopper did a good job of that.


There were plenary of heartwarming moments to note during the show: the infamous snow scene, their first kiss, nick leaving the match and going to Charlie on sports day and when they went to the beach, just to name a few. I have watched the show twice now and it doesn’t get any less heartwarming, but does manage to make me feel more lonely each time. The high pitched squeals of joy that came out of my mouth were loud enough to deaf someone.


Overall the show was great and absolutely binge worthy if you’re looking for a sweet coming of age romance to get lost in.