DofE Bronze expedition


The Duke of Edinburgh Expedition is a popular extracurricular activity amongst students in secondary schools. DofE involves helping the community and environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills, planning, training for and completing an expedition.


In order to complete the DofE course, students must complete three activities other than their expedition: Physical, skill, volunteering.


Promoting students to take part in physical activities regularly allows students to maintain good physical health as well as many mental advantages such as coping with stress more easily, building confidence and self-esteem, improving concentration and improving sleep patterns. Encouraging students to learn new skills makes them gain courage and confidence, which helps them override fear and anxiety making them feel more empowered. Volunteering is essential as it gives an insight of relationships between people; their interests, passions and aspirations.


The expedition allows students to learn many new skills, such as route planning, map reading, team work and cooking!


Shravan Ganesh, a student at Wilson’s School describes his experiences after this expedition: ‘It was extremely challenging physically however more so in terms of the new skills and techniques that had to be used. Whilst this was a challenge I extremely enjoyed this expedition.’