Maybe you’re considering getting a pet. But you’re not interested in a dog as they require too much attention. You don’t feel like getting a cat due to hearing horror stories of cats eating their deceased owners; although what is the point of getting a pet if you think it will outlive you? So what is the only other logical option? Why a chicken of course. 


Not only are chickens extremely cheap to take care of in comparison to other pets like dogs but they can also make you money! This is simply due to them being able to lay eggs which will either save you money as you wont need to buy eggs from the store or you can sell the extra eggs for a return on investment. 


A chicken also doesn't require too much attention and defecates at a minimal level compared to other pets. Also you may have not noticed until now but chickens are absolutely adorable and fun to hold. But maybe more importantly they can make excellent guard dogs. I’m serious. If you have ever threatened a particularly aggressive chicken before you would understand just how intimidating they are. Not to mention their excellent acrobatic skills, speed and reflexes which would ensure they can escape the clutches of any pesky chicken thief (except maybe a fox).

And ultimately if your chicken miss behaves then you always have the option of cooking them. You will be granted the opportunity to reminisce on the excellent times you spent together as you enjoy a delicious meal.