Recently as I have been trying to read more and use my phone less, I’ve come across a wonderful website called storygraph. 


Using storygraph one can make a reading goal for the year and check you’re on track, check which books your ‘friends’ have read and see how they enjoyed them using the review system, and see in-depth statistics which tell you your most read authors, genres, length of book, and much more. 


Using storygraph in the past months has increased my motivation to read instead of watch tv, as it’s a fun challenge to keep my statistics the way I want them. My goal is to read 80 books in the year, which is a book and a bit a week. Though it may sound like a lot of time, it is common to watch tv for an hour a night and this amount of reading time would easily become 80 books a year. 


It also is better than other reading tracking websites for a few important reasons: of course the UI is very appealing, one can rate books with .25 accuracy, not just stars 1-5, and in reviewing there’s much more detail you can add such as content warnings.


The site, once you’ve used it for a while, also gives remarkably accurate recommendations.