A small temple is situated in a secluded, scenic spot away from prying eyes in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. A path flanked with abundant and aromatic flowers of varying hues leads the way to a secret treasure- a small temple situated near the riverside.

The temple was built in 1755 by the actor, playwright and theatre manager David Garrick in tribute to William Shakespeare, who served as his inspiration. The temple is filled with many Shakespearean artifacts including a replica of the statue of Shakespeare by Roubiliac (a prolific French sculptor popular in London during the 18th century) and also an exhibition in ode to Garrick himself, complete with reproductions of his works by popular 18th century artists such as Gainsborough and Zoffany.

This beautiful shrine is open on Sundays from 2pm-5pm and is free for the public so it is definitely an option for you if you love small, idyllic locations with tranquil scenery and rich culture!