First up is Elon Musk: the real life supervillain of Twitter bought it this week and people had a lot to say. Reading the timeline, you would think that Trump got re-elected except the only people it would affect are weirdos on twitter. It’s kind of like Musk promoted himself as the warden of a prison we all volunteer to go to and can leave at any time. Everyone was having a meltdown about how bad things were going to get and several people threatened to leave. We’ll see how this plays out but I’m about to utter the famous last words, How bad could it be? Worst case scenario, the website stops being functional. We’d all probably be better off in the long run. It's a shame posts are no longer under the leadership of benevolent king, Jack Dorsey but I’m sure we’ll survive. 


The next topic of meme conversion is the infamous shenanigans of Ezra Miller. Another week, another Ezra Miller attack in Hawaii. Haven’t the people of Hawaii experienced enough trauma from people coming to their islands and violently terrorizing the people that live there? 

I think it was needed to let the ridiculousness of the story marinate before we got our jokes in. We really nailed it. We got all our jokes out and they were pretty good. Good job everyone. Now, we better not have a repeat of this. I don’t want to hear more about Ezra Miller until the next attack. It’s not a matter of if but when, so no false alarms. When the real stories are crazy enough, there’s no need to embellish.


I bet Lea Michelle is wishing she could read all this Funny girl discourse. Twitter became a seasoned critic after seeing the cast list for the broadway show ‘funny girl’. This is something I didn’t think we’d ever experience as it is mostly a classless website. However, we haven't had the Tonys in two years so everyone seems to have the urge to be catty about musical theatre right now... I say let them get it out of their systems. Maybe the general public is so invested in this production because of Lea Michele - the girl who’s been angling to play Fanny Brice since she was 8 years old. Beanie Feldstein, the actress who bagged the role of the lead, claims to 'not know the woman [Lea Michele] whatsoever' despite Lea commenting on Beanie's instagram post “Yes! YOU are the greatest star! This is going to be epic!!”.

The question still remains, Will Lea Michele create a PR nightmare or a dream for Beanie Feldstein? Or is her [Michele's] public (and private) persona so tarnished that she’ll never bounce back?