Picture this: it's the night before school, you’ve been putting off that assignment or project all month, telling yourself “i’ll just do it later” or “its fine i have plenty of time”. Panic seeps in and you realise it's due tomorrow! You grab what you can in hopes to assemble a somewhat legible piece of work whilst you tear your hair out in frustration. You promise yourself “I am never procrastinating again”, so why do you? 


It's actually more common than you would think, studies show that 70-80% of students in the UK feel they procrastinate on tasks, more often than they should. Approximately 45-50% feel it has affected their performance overall and their procrastination is serious.


The following could be reasons why you procrastinate often: 

Fear of failure and perfectionism, high impulse/ distraction, fatigue. Finding out why you procrastinate can help you to overcome the seemingly endless cycle and ultimately improve your performance and maintain stress levels. 


Finding out what the root cause of your procrastination Is can help relieve overall stress. For example excusing yourself as being too tired to complete the task could mean that you could be drawn to giving up easily give up on small tasks, whereas if you convince yourself that you work well under pressure, you could be prone to perfectionism and high expectations.


By understanding your root problem and it's cuauses, it's easier to break the procrastination cycle and never have to worry about deadlines evver again.