London cyclists are in uproar as a key central commuting route has been closed off to bikes for at least six weeks. 

The closure is to make way for the upcoming Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, but the cyclists where only made aware when they noticed a sign in St James' and Green Park cycle lanes in Westminster. 

The bike route is set to be closed from May 3 until mid-June with no specific end date in place as of yet. 

It's understood that the closure includes sections of Cycleway 3 near Buckingham Palace which takes in part of Constitution Hill and Birdcage Walk.

This Is Local London: Cyclist will be diverted. (PA) Cyclist will be diverted. (PA)

The closure has received a lot of anger on social media with one keen cyclist saying "I get closing it for some time to do explosives sweeps, security, prep, etc; but 6-7 weeks is absurd."

Whilst others predicted that it could lead to thousands more cyclists now having to divert through Thames and Hyde Park which are largely closed of to bikes. 

Jill Rutter from the Institute for Government tweeted saying "The Royal Parks are closing key safe cycle routes into Central London for six weeks for Jubilee prep. No hint of alternative safe options. No attempt to minimise disruption."

Adding that: "Cars just get slowed down. Cyclists are forced off safe routes onto dangerous ones."

Whilst another London cyclist, said: "I started cycling to work along this route last week and was so excited to keep going."

When asked what the new route would be Westminster Council said the route was TfL's responsibility who have yet to say what the new route will be.