Bilingualism, is a term that refers to a person who can speak two or more languages. But is it good to learn another language?


English, Mandarin and Spanish are the most spoken languages in the world. If a foreigner visits China, you will most likely come across people who speaks Mandarin or Cantonese and there’ll be less people that speaks English. Therefore, it is important for foreigners to learn another language so they communicate to other people within a region where a language is less spoken by the locals.


However, if you visit Sweden, it is more likely to come across an English speaker due to a lot of immigration and English being a subject in schools. Also, English is a language that is practically spoken almost every parts of the world but however, if you want to brighten up a face of a Swedish local, it’ll be best to speak their mother tongue as Swedish is a language that is primarily their first language.


In retrospect, it is good enough for people to learn a second language as many languages are spoken in our world today and sometimes, it is a good skill to have because it shows that you are able to speak to other people whose English is not their first language and can communicate with others using a foreign language. A lot of universities and employers in the UK loves to see candidates who can speak another language other than English!


In conclusion, people should definitely speak two or more languages because there are many languages spoken globally, all of us live in a multilingual world and people can learn about the culture and the history of the language.