Korean pop is a type of music in which people listen to every day and night.K-pop gives a happy and joyful and exciting vibe to people in which it will encourage people to sing and dance to.Some people thinks that korean pop is bad and that others music taste is bad but its not.Everyone has different music tastes in which they like.It is their choice of whichever music they like.No-one can’t judge thats its bad or not.

People also watch Korean Dramas which is an entertainment for young adults and some teenagers.These are dramas with different genres su,ch as horror,romance,comedy and more.Also, korean dramas are popular among teenagers in the UK like me as I am interseted and love to wach korean dramas.One I can recomend is true beauty.

One of the most popular k-pop bands is BTS.

BTS consists of 7 members and are korean.They have broke records and won a grammys award.Even I am a fan of BTS and even the people I know listen to them.So if you are bored and have nothing to do in your day then have a try watching korean dramas and even chinese and thai dramas.