Fair-well is a food delivery service organised by Jerilee and Claire. I spoke to one of their workers, Jo who was parked at the end of my road.

They are the first of their kind without plastic waste. In fact, they are fair trade with almost all their food being organic, their producers being co-ops, and small businesses. Their goal is to try and help make people shop plastic-free in a way that is easy and accessible. To reduce the classism in organic food shopping, without having to take out a mortgage to do so.

Staying true to their ethos, they deliver using retired milk floats, converted into electric vehicles. Subsequently, they can only travel a certain distance a day. They are refill trucks with tubes and jars where you can go to collect all the oats, nuts, pasta, and more long-life food you need.

The organisation was set up three years ago but Jo has been there one year. They intend to expand to a bigger audience, installing cargo bikes, and other electric vehicles to one day be able to sell across London. Currently, they are only situated in Camden and Islington.

Not all the food sold is exactly organic however it is a case of affording classification. They work with Infinity and other British whole food sellers for produce. Anything they cannot get here which comes from abroad they only get shipped once a year to reduce CO2 emissions.

Could this maybe be the way forward? Treating the planet right in every aspect of our lives and doing right by our own bodies as well as future generations.