I have interviewed a current Year 11 student at a school in Walthamstow and they have gave their views on their upcoming GCSE exams that they will sit in the upcoming weeks.


How do you feel about the upcoming exams?

“I am feeling quite nervous about them because this is my first set of exams I will have to take and the final grades I will get will determine my future. I just hope to pass my GCSEs and do well on them because it’s the most important thing you will need in your life for jobs and universities.”


How much revision will you do in prior to the exams?
“I will be doing one to two hours of revision for each subject every day before two weeks of the exam start because if I start revising now, I might forget everything right when the exam starts and also, we will be given timetables for the exam. Before the exam start, I will be focusing on that subject a lot.”


Have you recieved advanced information for the exams?

“Yes, I have. The exam boards have given us the set of revision topics we have to revise for before the exam starts and it makes it so much easier for us. I’m really happy that the exam boards did that.”