Almost two weeks ago, a new show has been released called Heartstopper, adapted by the graphic novels that has been made by Alice Oseman.


This show is about two British teen boys, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, where they fall in love during the course of a school year.


At the start of the show, Charlie Spring, who is a bullied Year 10, is an openly gay student and he was in a toxic ‘relationship’ with Ben, a closeted Year 11 who was not aware of his sexuality and had only dated Charlie because he had felt ‘sorry’ about him being bullied. Charlie then finds him kissing a girl and ended the relationship with Ben.


When Charlie was assigned to his seat in his new form, he felt some sort of attraction to Nick Nelson, a straight, popular member of the school’s rugby team.


Many weeks later, Nick started to also have a crush on Charlie as he was comfortable being with him rather than his friends, who were homophobic and liked to bully Year 10 students, such as Charlie’s friend, Tao and Charlie himself. 


The show was really interesting as it started off with Nick and Charlie’s friendship then proceeded to romance as Nick was still curious about his sexuality and later comes out as bisexual at the end of the show.


This show is very popular and is streamed by many people across the world right now. It has some sad scenes and happy scenes in the show and it portrays the life of an ordinary British LGBTQ+ teen couple. Many people have enjoyed this show due to the accuracy adapted from the graphic novel and that it has a really good storyline, that can also make audience think that it is based on a true event.