Pearls. The epitome of elegance and class in the jewellery world. Pearls are utterly timeless, worn throughout history and never going out of style. From the first pearl jewellery given as a gift in Ancient China as early as 2300 BC to popular necklaces today from brands such as Vivienne Westwood, pearls forever remain in fashion. Yet there’s one problem with pearls - they’re so incredibly EXPENSIVE! Perhaps this is what has allowed them to feel a regal feel throughout time, as only the high society or royalty were able to afford them. However, luckily for us all the amazing Victoria Nevermore has created an utterly GORGEOUS pearl collection of simple and classic faux pearl pieces that are affordable so that we can all revel in the grandeur and elegance that pearls bring!


It is certain that pearls hold a sense of nostalgia as they were discovered before written history even began! We know for sure that pearls have been treasured by royalty all over the world and have been worn as a form of jewellery for millennia. One of the earliest pearl jewellery pieces discovered was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess that dates back to 420 BC, now on display in the Louvre museum in Paris. Perhaps one of the most expensive pearls ever belonged to the French Queen Marie Antoinette, a huge pearl with a diamond encrusted bow charm and giant statement diamond sold at auction for over $36 million! (Victoria Nevermore also has the gorgeous ‘Antoinette’ set inspired by this pearl). Pearls have also made the focal point of many a royal crown yet a few more simple pearls were often worn by the slightly poorer members of society as, despite still being expensive, small pearls were certainly a more affordable gift than diamonds or other precious stones. 


The ‘Kate’ necklace perfectly embodies the dreamy, natural feel that freshwater pearls have. Each faux pearl is unique and so glossy. Certainly, this necklace feels like one that might be worn by the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite, so feminine and romantic and similar to the ones seen with Aphrodite in the 1907 painting ‘the pearls of Aphrodite’ by Herbert James Draper. This necklace is so pretty and elegant, anyone wearing them would feel like a goddess! The Kate is £25 and comes in two adjustable sizes either 15.5”-18” or 18”-20”. 


Not only do pearls hold an ancient feel, they also evoke a sense of retro nostalgia for us all, with some of the most iconic ‘it girls’ through time frequently seen adorned in pearls. Jackie Kennedy stated that “pearls are always appropriate” and certainly none us us disagree! Pearls hold an elegant sort if class that was frequently seen through classic Hollywood on stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. 


The ‘Margot’ set is the classic epitome of timeless elegance and beauty. The 6mm white round necklace is made up of naturally shaped, white, round pearls; a necklace that certainly would have been seen on the Hollywood screens! The earrings are equally as dainty, each with two little pearls, subtle but oh so classy! The Margot necklace is £25 and comes in two adjustable sizes 15.5”-18” or 18”-20” and the earrings are £13 with a 2.5cm drop. 


A pearl necklace that it is likely none of us will ever own is one made of Melo Melo pearls, with a singular pearl typically selling for around $75,000 and some mounted pearls selling for $250,000, these pearls take ‘expensive’ to another level! So why are these pearls so expensive? Unlike other pearls that are taken from oysters and muscles, Melo Melo pearls come from the Melo Melo snail, known in Myanmar as the ‘coconut shell’ due to their shell shape. The pearls are unique colours, ranging from pale orange to brown. But it is it’s rarity that has truly allowed Melo Melo pearls to become so valuable, as the chances of finding a pearl in a Melo Melo is one in several thousand. Whilst oysters and muscles can be cultured and forced to create pearls, the Melo pearl has not yet been successfully cultured. This means that every Melo pearl found is natural, grown in the wild through the creature’s own devices. No human interference at all is involved, making Melo Melo perks all the more desirable - truly beautiful creations that can only be created by Mother Nature herself. 


Although most of us can only dream of wearing amber Melo Melo pearls, Victoria Nevermore’s stunning ‘Grace’ set acts as a beautiful alternative for those of us that wish to wear pearls with a little more colour. The Grace is made from radiant sunshine 6mm pearls, a gorgeous peachy pink that is so radiant and different yet graceful. These pearls are naturally shaped so each individual one is unique and so so shiny! This set feels like one that would be worn by a beautiful mythical mermaid as she sits on a rock, combing her hair whilst these pearls glow radiantly in the sunlight. The earrings each contain two pearls, so delicate and simple and yet still utterly stunning! The Grace necklace comes in two adjustable sizes, either 15.5”-18” or 18”-20” and costs £25, The earrings are £13 with a 2.5cm drop. 


Victoria Nevermore is incredibly talented and has many more history and literature inspired designs that she makes. Each piece is so unique and well made whilst also affordable, allowing everyone to feel like royalty!

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