It’s certainly accurate to say that Bridgerton has gripped Netflix watchers all over the world. The grandeur, the luxury and oh the DRAMA! We have definitely all devoured the series, occasionally finding ourselves wistful, wishing that we were selected as the Queen’s diamond for the year, lavished in elegant gowns and grand jewellery. We are all incredibly lucky that at least the jewellery aspect of this dreams can come true, with Victoria Nevermore’s beautiful Bridgerton collection. This truly beautiful collection would certainly be Queen Charlotte approved! Each piece has been so well thought through, perfectly representing much loved characters from the series. This article will talk a little about these character’s and how beautifully the jewellery pieces tie in with their personalities. 




Of course, we must begin with the original diamond herself, miss Daphne Bridgerton. Although appearing a little shy and timid at the beginning, Daphne’s character has certainly blossomed into a fierce, strong young women. Her elegance and beauty truly is incomparable to anyone else, her ability to almost float around a ballroom has often left many girls green with envy (Cressida Cowper we’re all thinking of you!). Daphne carries her classiness and kindness with her throughout the series, always so thoughtful and gentle to those around her. The ‘Daphne’ set perfectly reflects this side of Daphne, super minimalistic and delicate with beautiful teardrops of periwinkle blue and dainty silver charms. The set is oh so dainty and subtle and yet is so beautiful and detailed. The matching earrings are equally as gorgeous! The Daphne necklace is 18” long and £22 and the earrings are £15 or the set is £37. 


For some of us, Daphne has become an absolute icon of elegance. We want to look like her, dress like her, we just want to be Daphne Bridgerton! Therefore we are so so lucky that the incredibly talented Victoria Nevermore has been able to create a piece that strongly resembles the famous Daphne ‘carriage necklace’ that we have all certainly coveted. The ‘Bridgerton’ set resembles the iconic choker with some stunning matching earrings. This set is oh so sparkly and grand - it certainly looks as though it has been taken right out of Daphne’s own jewellery box! The choker is adjustable from 13-16” and is £26. The earrings are £12 or the set is £38.


Witty, confident and bright. Eloise Bridgerton certainly has many opinions and isn’t afraid to share them! I feel that we all sympathise with her hate for the lavish lifestyle, it is most apparent that she strongly dislikes the balls and the dresses and the performative side that she should be presenting to society. Certainly, following after her ‘diamond’ sister Daphne must be difficult for Eloise, who desperately craves independence and freedom and yet is chained by the standards and opinions of the society around her. The ‘Eloise’ set certainly reflects Eloise’s own understated elegance and wit. The shining silver flowers perfectly reflect Eloise’s internal conflict between being a child and a woman. Certainly, she wishes to cling on to the freedoms of her childhood and yet also clearly doesn’t wanted to be treated as secondary due to her age and gender. The pearls and flowers perfectly reflect Eloise’s gradual journey to finding out who she truly is, her personality blooming into a true powerhouse full of insight and opinions. The Eloise necklace is 18” long and £18.50. The earrings are £15 or the set is £33.50. 


There is no doubt that Penelope Featherington is certainly a dark horse! Dressed in truly hideous outfits by her mother, Penelope is often overlooked and not taken seriously enough by those around her except for Eloise. However, past all the frills and flower Penelope is witty and very very smart. Penelope holds a certain grace about her, quietly observing those around her as a wallflower, always appearing so elegant and poised despite the truly tasteless attire that her mother chooses. The ‘Penelope’ set perfectly captures this aspect of Penelope, dainty and sophisticated with tiny pearls and sparkling pink glass crystal. This set perhaps is the sort of set that Penelope wishes to wear to a ball, dainty and sophisticated with no yellow! The necklace is 16” long and £25. The earrings are £15 or the set is £40. 


Certainly one of the most talented characters in the show, Madame Genevieve Delacroix is a truly incredible dress maker. This role certainly gives her a lot of power, she is able to create outfits that may potentially decide the futures of the debutantes whilst also listening eagerly to the frequent gossip from the mamas and their prized daughters. But most of all Madame Delacroix is a truly bright businesswoman, drawing the privileged into Modiste with her fake French accent, a symbol of exoticism that plays right into the superficiality of London’s high society. Despite being unmarried, Madame Delacroix’s business is flourishing making her a successful, independent entrepreneur. Perhaps the freedom and independence that she possesses is craved by Eloise and Penelope who are both trapped within the strict rules of high society. The ‘Genevieve’ set is a statement set and can be made as a choker (15”) or an adjustable necklace that can be adjusted up to 18”. The double strand of faux pearls and the sparkling emerald in the centre with the matching long emerald earrings certainly makes this a piece that Genevieve would wear daily, adding to her stylish, sophisticated ‘French’ image that she so desperately ants to promote. The necklace/choker is £21 and the earrings are £15 or the set is £36. 


I don’t feel that any of us have quite truly met Hyacinth yet, the youngest of the Bridgerton children, Hyacinth appears to have inherited Daphne’s sweetness and grace and Eloise’s spark and wit. Still very young, Hyacinth tends to appear mostly with her older brother and best friend Gregory, frequently bickering with him and eavesdropping intently on the family’s gossip. Yet the advice that Hyacinth gives to those around her certainly makes her appear wise beyond her years, youthful but still holding a certain elegance and sensibility. Therefore the ‘Hyacinth’ set holds a gorgeous sense of nostalgia, the purple and gold making it appear so beautifully regal and classy. Victoria Nevermore has described this set as the “purple regency set if her dreams” and I’m sure we all agree! So dainty and yet so sparkly, this set is truly magnificent and very very regal! Hyacinth is still quite young but I’m sure we’re all looking forward to watching her character grow up and blossom in future seasons! The Hyacinth necklace is 18” and £20 with a pendant hanging at 2”. The earrings are £18 or the set is £38.


Victoria Nevermore is incredibly talented and has many more history and literature inspired designs that she makes. Each piece is so unique and well made whilst also affordable, allowing everyone to feel like royalty!

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