Since the retirement of Fr Nigel Worn, St Anne’s Kew Green, has been in an Interregnum. 


But what exactly is an Interregnum?


 Interregnum is the term used to describe the time frame before a new priest has been determined for the parish. At St Anne’s, a team was drawn from members of the Parish Council and ex-churchwardens to carry out the plan for the Interregnum. There are four phases in the Interregnum period. The first is that of Welcoming, when members of the church are given time to reflect, give thanks and pray. As the Church’s Annual Report explains, try to maintain “the familiar structures, activities and rhythms of church life.” The second phase is Exploring, when members of the church are invited to fill out a survey from the parish to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and to consult and determine what kind of church the members want it to be. The process of engaging a new priest is in the Seeking period, when the recruitment panel is formed to decide who the new priest will be. The final phase is the Welcoming phase, which is where the church is currently, as they plan the induction service for the new priest, Fr Giles Fraser.