The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a great one for all young people. From 2020-21 alone 330,000 people continued with their DofE activities. This was an astonishing amount considering the massive impact of Covid on young people. The Duke of Edinburgh award encouraged people throughout the UK, to volunteer, get physical and enhance their skills.


Not only does DofE allow participants to take part in different activities, the expeditions are just as important. As a participant myself I found that DofE was a brilliant way to appreciate nature. Before, I wouldn’t have thought about camping and hiking or cooking food in trangias. However, now it is something I look forward to for every expedition ( I am going on my fourth soon!). During the expeditions you learn how to be independent and how to navigate your way around the beautiful countryside. 


I asked Raadhikaa, 14, what she thought about DofE after starting at Silver. She said:"I think it was really challenging and unlike anything I've done before. The feeling of accomplishment at the end trumped the worry. I'm doing it for the memories and memories I definitely did get!"


With the recent memorial service for His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, the scheme has gained more importance. It is an excellent opportunity for all.