The Duke of Edinburgh award has become increasingly popular and is being accomplished by many people around the world. Recently our class went on our Duke of Edinburgh practise expedition and it was an amazing experience! We started our day early in the morning and were taught how to use a compasses as well as learn skills in map reading and crossing roads correctly. After, this we set off with our instructor and our heavy rucksacks on our back. It was exhausting at first but we slowly got used to the weight, our instructor then left us alone and would meet us at certain points to ensure we were on the right track and did not go missing. During this time there were many ups and downs as we ended up getting quite lost but we got through it as a team and learnt many lessons of friendship!

We eventually made it to our campsite where we set up our tents, cooked our food and planned our routes for the next day! After, we were then allowed our phones for a while and we set up a bonfire with marshmallows. We then tried to get a good night sleep which was quite difficult for me as I had never been in a tent before. The next morning we packed our tents up and set off! We ended up not getting lost and being the first team to arrive back at camp and get our phones back first! Overall the experience of the expedition was good and it taught me many skills. My friend Aman said that 'It was fun!' and my friend Shanti descibed it as  'A new experience that people should be able to try and it helps with communication and map reading skills'

Photo by Mac DeStroir from Pexels