It's that dreaded time of year again when revision timetables are made and broken and when anxiety runs highest. Exam season. It can be easy to get bogged down in all the stress of the exam period but it's always important to remember you come first.

While this notion may seem daunting keeping check of your mental health is key, not just in the exam season. Sometimes we can feel as though we aren't doing enough revision or that we need to be waking up at 4 to revise but the most important thing to remember is always to keep yourself safe.

My top tips to keeping a clear mind during exam season are: drink plenty of water - dehydration slows your mental process and can cause headaches, set realistic goals - its no use setting yourself up for failure set yourself goals you can achieve, get some fresh air - going for a short walk can help clear your head and can help with concentration and most importantly have a proper sleep schedule - a good pattern of sleep will help keep your mind at the top of it’s game and will also combat fatigue.

Always remember that there is always an end to the exam period and there are people that can help you, if you feel down or under pressure remember you are not alone speak to someone for instance a parent or friend, sometimes just speaking about an issue can help it to go away and keep your mind at ease and if you need additional support, services like are brilliant if you want some more professional help.