I spoke to a Year 11 Sutton Grammar School student regarding his views on the upcoming GCSE’s that he will be doing.


How are you feeling about the upcoming GCSE exams?
I am definitely feeling very apprehensive because of the prospect of having to do exams. I guess it’s natural to feel like this before your GCSE’s, it’s a daunting thing that has been looming for quite some time now. It’s stressful, but I hope my revision will be enough to do well.


Has the COVID-19 outbreak affected your GCSE’s?

Yes, I think there is an added pressure for us, after having to do a lot of our learning from home. It has been tough to cope with the pandemic and studies at the same time, and I’m sure others are feeling the same way as well. The uncertainty around whether the exams would take place has also been tough to deal with.


Are the exam boards doing anything different this year, due to the pandemic?
Yeah, we’re being given advance information regarding the exams, where the exam boards tell us what topics are going to come up. I’m pretty sure the exams itself will also be graded slightly more generously because it’s considered a transition year after the pandemic.