Rex Manning's day is a glorified holiday created by fans of the 1995 cult classic film 'Empire Records.' 

But who is Rex Manning? Potrayed by 62-year-old Maxwell Caulfield, Rex Manning is a slowly fading pop star who is set to promote his career in the films Record store, 'Empire Records', where the film is based, centering around the trails and difficulties the record store employees face when it finds itself on the verge of closing due to financial problems. 

The visit set on April 8th, as the pop icon promotes his new single, "Say no more; a synth-driven pop-rock tune from the 1980's." Creators chose this date for the film, as it was inspired by the death of 90's icon Kurt Cobain, who was found on the 8th of April a year before the film was released. 

Despite the films critical-evaluation and it performing pretty badly at the box office, the film experienced a revival years later, and has been celebrated since. The 8th of april has seen the film annually celebrated through the character Rex Manning, often flooding social media with the one of its most iconic quotes; “But we mustn’t dwell. No, not today. We can’t! Not on Rex Manning Day."

Rex Manning day, despite what it may seem, is largly a day celebrted for just the enjoyment of it, where fans stream Empire Records on verious platforms, posting the music video to Rex Mannings single "Say no Mon Amour" posted by Director Jordan Dawes in celebration, and some even dressing in 90's themed attire to celebrate together, placing decorations of Rex Manning out 

Charlotte Mudd, who has celebrated Rex Manning day in recent years said "Rex Manning's day has become a comedic tradition amoung me and my friends and just ended up continuing it throughout the years."

Therefore, in the end, Empire Records sets as an example of films being ahead of their time, and that we can celebrate artisitc works depite how well they may have performed in box office- and now maybe next year round, you'll have more understanding on why Max Caulfield's face is trending around twitter.