As the sun is coming out and the weather is getting warmer car boot sales are beginning to open up again.

They are making a comeback as they have recently been gaining popularity on apps such as TikTok. 

A car boot sale is usually when people fill up the boots of their cars with possessions they no longer want and bring to an outdoor sale. They provide a good sustainable way to reuse and profit from items that are no longer needed. Car boot sales have now been around since the early 70’s, people have always enjoyed a good bargain. 

From a variety of clothing to all sorts of gadgets imaginable, car boot sales are always unpredictable. The hidden gems to uncover are plentiful. All it takes is to get down and dirty while rummaging through the items. You could easily miss something if you don’t look close enough. Hunting for items is all well and good, however people usually capitalise on car boot sales by hunting for bargains. Some sellers are willing to haggle over the price, others hold a stern fixed price on their items. 

There are two main ways many people can benefit from car boot sales. They can either sell their own items or can find items they may need, at a cheaper price. Sellers usually have to pay a price to the landowner to allow them to set up their stalls, it can range anywhere from £15-20 (GBP). Buyers are not exempt from a fee either, to enter they must pay the landowner and prices are usually higher the earlier you want to enter. They range from £3-50p and then free after a certain time. This is because the items up for grabs may be better the earlier you go, meaning you can get first dibs to snatch away the best pieces and make the most of your money. 

Car boot sales are scattered all across London. Scout out for the best ones near you and test your bargaining skills. You never know what you may find. If shopping isn't your cup of tea, get rid of your unwanted items and make some quick cash!  

Have fun!