As we all know, exam season is a stressful time for many students. Some students manage to get over it and get on with there exams, whilst the rest have many mental breakdowns and can’t revise. This article is a reminder that you can get through it and also your mental health comes first so take your time, relax and everything will be fine. The contents of this article will entail time management, healthy eating and getting enough rest. 

In the period leading up to exams it is very important that you manage your time wisely and use every minute effectively as every moment is vital in order to get the grade you want. Revising is important, knowing your content is important, applying your content is important and truly understanding your content is important. If you don’t understand your content before the exam, you won’t miraculously understand it in the exam. Likewise, if you don’t remember what the content is before the exam you won’t be able to apply the knowledge and skills that are needed. With all of this being said it is important that you understand your priorities for revising. You need to make sure that you organise your revision properly so that it is effective, and you are ensuring that you are targeting the topics and units that you don’t know or understand. There is no point of spending crazy amount of time, revising topics that you already understand.

The second thing you can do leading up to your exams is eat healthy and don’t skip meals. In order to have enough brain power you need good food and healthy snacks as well. It is scientifically proven that berries, citrus fruits, nuts, eggs etc. are really good for your brain. For example, Berries have special compounds called anthocyanins which are said to make a huge difference to mental performance of the brain. 

Last but not least, getting enough rest during your periods of revision and the night before your exams is really important because your brain can process information better especially if you’ve revised before bedtime. Also getting the recommended hours of sleep before your exam is good so that you can be ready and energised for your exams!