Not wanting to go university just yet? As we come close to the final term of school many students may be wanting to do a gap year next year and maybe travel during it but have no clue what places to visit that are also budget friendly. Here are some cheap student friendly destinations that you must try and visit:

1) Thailand 

Thailand is a super student friendly country with beautiful culture and welcoming people. They have such affordable hostels/Airbnb to chose from. There’s so much to explore in Thailand and many students even backpack all through the country.

2) Bali 

Bali, which is located in Indonesia, is super cheap and affordable. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and cheap food. You can even rent a bougee villa for very little money. It's a super popular tropical destination for students. 

3) Mexico 

Mexico is a perfect country to explore during your gap year. The diversity and culture as well as it's natural beauty is breath-taking. Many students choose to go to Mexico during their gap year as it's another very popular destination and can be very cheap as well.

4) Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is known for it's friendly people and relaxed lifestyle. It has amazing sandy beaches and jungles. It is also the perfect place for students to their practise Spanish or learn it for the first time. Likewise Costa Rica is super cheap which allows students to live comfortably while on their gap year.

5) Australia

This one is the probably on the more expensive side however it can still be super affordable if you book the right accommodation and spend your money wisely. Again a very popular destination for student travellers. Many students tend to backpack around Australia and visit the gold coast (Queensland).


While on your gap year you can always try and get a job to have some form of income coming in just in case your savings are not enough. However saving a year before is very important as you don’t really want to be worrying about money while travelling and exploring. Gap Years are very useful as they can teach you many skills that you need in life as well as help your self growth. You can learn new languages and about different cultures and best of all create life long memories.