The first entry on the list is Whitstable, an old-timey town on the coast of Kent. Despite the pebble beach, the seaside of Whitstable is among the best in southeast England becauase of small cafes, pubs and shops lining the coast and making it a lively area. The narrow, winding streets of Whitstable are also home to independent, hipster shops with vintage records, clothing thrifting and more. Whitstable is also a pilgrimage for seafood lovers, as oyster restaurants are in no shortage here, along with iconic grub pubs like the Sportsman and the Old Neptune. 

Next on the list is Box Hill, set in the rolling hills of Surrey, not too far from the edges of southwest London. With one of the highest peaks in southeast England and a hike that is a life trial for many Londoners, Box Hill is almost certainly a good workout. But features like the wide-spanning fields, gurgling streams and iconic stepping stones make Box Hill an experience, although the possibility of being chased by cows looms over any hiker's head. 

In the penultimate place is the Thames Path from Hampton to Richmond, which lines the sides of the river Thames. This trail is surrounded by luxurious eateries and manor houses, characteristic of that part of southwest London, with a stretch of the Thames filled with rowing boats and even party boats on summer nights. Islands and wooded areas here are filled with riverside wildlife, meaning this area can make a relaxing getaway for anyone.

Finally, Eastbourne and the Seven Sisters make the best getaway from London due to cliffside restaurants with wonderful terraces, beautiful walks lining the cliffsides and seaside fields, along with glittering waters and gurgling estuarine streams.