RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 the gold bar of all seasons has come to a satisfactory end as Willow Pill slaughtered her way to the crown in the showgirl themed finale, becoming the second trans winner of a regular US season. But what is next for this oddball superstar? 

This season has been the most twisted, lengthy but more significantly jaw dropping adventure into drag in all the competitions herstory. With the chocolate bar twist, Snatch Game Lalaparuza and Daytona Winds keeping us as viewers permanently teetering on the edges of our seats, it truly has been one hell of a journey.

But last Friday April 22nd it all ended on the Las Vegas strip with Willow rising victorious. Willow’s triumph this season has been nothing other than glorious, from her statement provoking fashion to outstanding track record really making her victory justifiable and deserved. What makes this win even more pleasing is the fact that Willow powered through even with the additive of suffering from cystinosis, that can prohibit her movement and even to some extent her sight, this raises the question of what Willow Pill cannot do! That is right, nothing she is a superstar. I do mean nothing she took a spaghetti bath in the talent show for goodness’ sake…

The finale itself was constructed to fit the theme of the spectacular and currently running Drag race Live consisting of past favorites such as Naomi Smalls and Derrick Barry from Season 8. The Top 5 queens created unique lip-sync performances fighting it out for a Top 2 spot in the lip-sync for the crown. Angeria Paris Van Michaels,’ Bosco’s, and Daya Betty’s respective renditions of ‘Check my track record,’ ‘Devil’ and ‘Fighter’ were outstanding but were upstaged by Lady Camden and Willows. Willow’s witty performance of ‘I hate people’ alongside a chaotic and crafty multiple headed costume constructed by Season 13 contestant Utica really highlighted her exuberant personality and clearly won over Ru securing her spot. Whilst Lady Camden’s campy, theatrical ‘Queen’ inspired ‘I fell down (I got back up)’ alluding to her victorious time in the competition, highlighting her unbelievable dancing ability and causing her to rise and claim her place. 

All that was left was the final lip-sync to Cher’s edition of ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ And although it was a close call with Willows gimmicky larger than life trousers and shirt reveals and Lady Camden’s captivating but messy portrayal there was a clear winner. As Season 13 winner Symone gloriously entered the stage in her 2000’s look styled by Marko Monroe she alleviated her reign alongside a crown and scepter to… Willow Pill! 

This win marks the second time a trans queen has won a regular US season and the third time two members of a drag family have won their respective seasons, with Willows sister Yvie Oddly winning season 11, Envy Peru and Vanessa Van Cartier respectively winning Holland season 1 and 2 alongside Aquaria winning of season 10 and she who shall not be named winning season 4. However, there is one thing this season comes first in and that is having a winner and Miss Congeniality both being trans with Kornbread the Snack Jete snatching the title after receiving a fatal ankle injury and leaving the competition in Episode 5 after a frontrunner run.

At the centre of this season though has been a running theme of Trans excellence throughout from Kerri Colby, Kornbread the Snack Jete, Bosco, Jasmine Kennedie, and our winner Willow Pill coming out as beautiful and strong Trans Women before, during and after the season itself. Having five Trans queens on one season is a first and I sure hope it is not the last time we see this, as our resident Tranos herself Kerri Colby stated in the reunion ‘another one thank you.’

So, we have a champion, and she is not just a Willow Pill she is a winner pill, when questioned by Joey Nolfi over what her reign will consist of, she stated I want to ‘get more dirty and disgusting’ and Willow we are down with that. I know as a true stan of Willow’s from day 1 that she will do wonders with her reign but most importantly the talent every one of the competitors have brought to this season will make it unforgettable. Even though it was dragged out beyond belief it made us love each queen that little bit more and now the world truly is their catwalk…