Fill a bag event is a viral fun thrifting experience that has been happening since August of 2021. This is put on by the founder and owner of Wings vintage, Megan Wing.

I exchanged some messages with Megan about how her company has grown over the months. Megan has advocated to save her area against landfills and when doing that to provide clothes for those who are less fortunate. She has said 'I want people to be able to wear vintage clothes without having to worry about the price tag.' Her company provides affordable vintage clothes that are remarkably cheaper than the vintage clothes we see in pther shops or online.

The name of Megan's company was not just inspired by her surname but also her Father's company (P.G Wing). Her father was a government surplus wholesaler so because of this, Megan grew up with limitless quantities of second-hand clothing that she has used to her advantage over the years.   

TikTok has been a big support by helping plunge Wings vintage platform. The happy reviews from past customers have encouraged others on the app to experience the same serotonin the people felt when buying affordable clothes/accessories. This helps Megan connect with her customers and also brings her customers together to create a sense of community.

My experience at this event was very memorable as the people working there at the time were very welcoming and scouting through other clothes to find the clothes there that were exactly what i've wanted for this summer and future winters was fascinating. I know events like this would also benefit others so if you want go check it out!