How are emails bad for the environment, and how could deleting them help? Every email processed uses electricity, and to produce this electricity we burn fossil fuels resulting in global carbon emissions (C02) and in turn climate change. According to the science focus report, a science magazine, sending 65 emails is the same as driving a mile in your car.

What happens when you delete an email? When you start to delete your emails all the data being used to store those emails then disappears and you reduce electric energy consumption. But is deleting emails really enough? Not really, so what are some other email related actions can you take to reduce this process? Firstly, you can start to unsubscribe from mailing list so less emails are being sent out and stored in your mailbox. Secondly, think about if you really need to send that email and try see if you can talk in person. Thirdly, try not to send emails with attachments as they release more c02 then regular emails. Lastly, thoroughly check your emails for mistakes to avoid follow up emails. 

Now, be more mindful when sending and storing emails- think if you really need to keep that email, if not delete it.