Londoners have woken up this morning to discover that Trafalgar Square has had a complete makeover. 

As the iconic landmark has been transformed into a green space of meadows, unlike its normal dark concrete aesthetic. 

Taking the area back to its roots, the square has had an upgrade to help Londoners imagine what the capital would look like pre-urbanization. 

Created by innocent Drinks and the Orchard Project as part of their 'The Big Rewild' campaign, it has even seen the loved lion monuments covered with greenery, flowers, and even oranges. 

This Is Local London: Trafalgar Square has gone green. (PA)Trafalgar Square has gone green. (PA)

The campaign hopes to rewild and protect two million hectares of land across the world, and what better place to start the campaign than in one of the most well-known landmarks in the world.

But if you want to see the attraction for yourself then you'll have to be quick as it will only be in the Square for one day (April 27). 

However, it will be visiting other spots around the country over the next eight weeks including Manchester, Lewisham, Port Talbot, and Edinburgh. 

Reaction to Trafalgar Square Meadow makeover

Reacting for the makeover has been mixed on social media, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts. 

One person tweeted that although pretty they questioned the real damage it did saying: "A day of grass & trees in Trafalgar sq? Shipped in on lorries. What’s the carbon footprint of this? That’s not embracing sustainability it’s a bonkers photo opportunity."

Another agreed that whilst worth a look they wanted to know why it was only for one day instead of becoming a long-term feature of the landmark. 

However, not all felt this way with one user saying: "Trafalgar Square has been rewilded this morning, it looks amazing...can we keep it"

And another agreed to say: "If you want to see Trafalgar Square in a whole new light today - look at what @innocent has done with@WelcomeToFrank! They’ve completely transformed it!"

So it might be worth taking a quick trip down to the Square today before it's too late and enjoy the bit of greenery.