The people of Twickenham have been touched by it and have sought to aid the poor civilians of Ukraine in any way possible.

Twickenham café and restaurant Prosperity started accepting donations for Ukraine weeks ago and has since turned into a full-time collection point from which minivans and trucks leave “completely full” of supplies “every two hours”.

Prosperity is a Ukrainian run restaurant who have had family affected by the war. They used to be a popular café for the locals of Twickenham, but it is now solely focused on aiding their comrades in Ukraine.

There is a team of around 15 volunteers working up to 12 hours a day to sought donations and this shows the sheer amount of good will int Twickenham.

Furthermore, Ukrainian flags have been erected along a popular street in Twickenham called Church street which has further shown the solidarity which the people of Twickenham feel.