After two years of forced closure caused by the pandemic, the Florence Nightingale Museum has announced when the attraction will be opening its doors again. 

The re-opening date is set to take place on May 12, also known as the 202nd anniversary of Nightingale's birth and International Nurses Day. 

Director of the museum David Green said it has been a "long and tiring time" fighting to save the legacy of the loved nurse who became known as The Lady With The Lamp in the Crimean Way.

Green told the PA news agency that it had been "a real emotional roller-coaster."

He went on: "Certainly for me, I’ve never worked so hard in my life, especially those first few weeks after we closed, it was just so strange."

This Is Local London: The Florence Nightingale Lamp. (PA)The Florence Nightingale Lamp. (PA)

With doors shut and no profits coming into the mueusm, it saw fundraising become a key part to keeping the attraction afloat. 

"The real work kicked in with the fundraising to keep the place going, even with grant applications, they’re hard work, you’ve got no guarantee of success," Green added.

But the fundraising seems to have been a success with doors opening to the public again on May 12 in its home on the grounds of St Thomas' Hospital. 

The museum is open five days and week and has an array of historical artifacts from the iconic lamp used by Florence Nightingale to the medicine chest she took to the Crimean War.