We all dream everyday and everynight.Sometimes dreams will make us happy or sad.For some people if they had a dream about something bad and at the same time if they dreamed in the morning some people will think that it will come true for either a good or a bad dream because for my religion it is.Your dreams will be forgotten the next morning because for some people even for me when i wake up in the morning i know some parts of my dream but others will be forgotten .


Everyone has a dream of their own for an example of what they want to do when they are older or if they want to achieve something or even if they want to do something really exciting that has only been in movies or dramas.For me when i’m older i want to travel and the first country i want to visit is south korea.This is because in korean dramas they show the life of a korean and what's their culture like it's not just about the entertainment which i will talk about more in my next article.Everyone has a dream in which they want to do or achieve.

You can have 4-5 dreams in one night which is possible.For some people their dreams can be longer or shorter.Dreams can represent your emotions.Emotion are important in this world.This is because without emotions you can’t really express yourself.


So dreams and emotions are important in humans and also without dreams we can’t dream about anything.Dreams are important.Dreams are emotions.Dreams make us feel different emotions.