Walking down a bustling high street on a sunny day during the bank holiday weekend- what a great way to spend your Saturday! Sutton High Street is a popular main street for clothing shops, banks, eateries, and many other businesses, both big and small. The high street runs north-south through the town of Sutton (in the London Borough of Sutton), and it is home to approximately four hundred retail outlets. Although the development of the high street took off in the 1860s, it was pedestrianised during the early 1960s, making it easily accessible to the town population. There’s no doubt that the street is filled with a diverse crowd, with people from different cultures who all love to share the entertainment, cafés, activities, and many more features. Businesses located along the high street have either been there for many years or have just started to take off- either way, they’re all welcoming to everyone!


I asked a few people what their favourite shops are, and here’s what they had to say:


What is your favourite clothing shop in Sutton High Street?

“I would say my favourite shop is H&M because it has a wide variety of clothes I love and that are my style. Even if I don't buy anything I just love to look around sometimes! Also, the workers are very nice and help you with whatever you need, and the prices are not too expensive either.” (Apishayaa Gnanaroopan)


What is your favourite place to eat on the high street?

“It’s definitely Kokoro! After a long day at school, I can enjoy the fresh hot pots they serve, which never fail to satisfy my hunger. Some people might disagree, but I even prefer it over Mcdonald’s because it’s a different cuisine.” (Thiyaraa Ganeshan)